Saturday, October 13, 2012


After Year +
I back to here.
It's kinda sudden I will blog again.
Feel regret I have leave it blank for so long.
I forgot to mark down, what my life have done in this long period.

Time flies.
I am no longer an advanced diploma student.
Finished my degree in UK and here I am an unemployed worker.
Lazy of working, lazy of socialize, lazy of everything and just give myself some space to take a break before I start finding job.

Many things changed in this period.
Hair? Long to short.
Life? More interesting life.
Thinking? Absolutely different from last time(time will bring you broader mindset)
Love? Kinda complicated. Big Big changes that I could conclude it.

The best part in this year was the time in UK.
Feel proud to have lovely parents who sponsor me to UK continue my degree, even that is only 3 months.
In UK, learnt to be independent, I have seen the other side of world, I have met different people in the other corner of world, even experience the racist culture in UK(not all of them are racist), and get to know what was it so called Friendship.
3 months,back to reality, No more fairy tale. After I came back, many things changed. I have expected too. 
As what I can do is, look into my future, insist own beliefs, be brave to walk towards it. 

By now, get some rest, before I move on. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Irene =3

hello hello hello~~
neglected the blog for almost 1 month.
I have no time to update, because i m now start intern d.
I intern in sony for 2.5 months.
now, i have finish more than 0.5 month.
My comment about my dept is, a place for me to learn many things.
recently, i used to sleep at 11.30 or maybe earlier and woke up at 6.15.
go for work at 7am and reached home at 6.30.
btw, there is only 40 minutes for lunch time.
probably we can only take lunch in the canteen, and everyday i ate the same things.
getting bored= =
hem~ 3pm will have another 15 minutes for tea time.
I seldom go for tea time because I dislike to walk up and down since i have walked during working hours.
the senior trainee is quite ok to me. sometimes she will teach me. maybe i m too blur, so still make some mistakes sometimes.
and I m under one of the staff, christine. She is the extremely nice person. she is also from jit sin last time. that's why she looks familiar to me =)
my boss has asked me whether will continue to work here after finish my degree?
hem~ i have no idea with it because i didnt work with other companies before. I cant even compare.
Of course i have knew some new friends there but not too close.
they are nice too but i do not go out with them before. maybe next time will have chance to do so =)
within these 3 months, I have my time to accompany my family and also the love one. I wish to stay longer and do not wan to go back KL anymore =( unfortunately this is impossible.

Yesterday was the result released day. Luckily I have pass all the subject and I have a small improvement in last sem =) although the result is not consider as good, I have already satisfied. will try my best for next time~

ok~ i think i got to stop here ~ Irene, this is for u!! miss yaaa

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Saturday, November 6, 2010

hem~such a long time neglected my blog.
here I am. to talk about my life.
started to get used all the things beside me~
and I used to travel back Penang atleast once a month because of my Family and My boyfii.
I am not independent enough and I am lazy to go out in KL.
even shopping, I love to go to Gurney and Queensbay.

since the day I'd decided to continue my studies. no doubt to look backward~
so far, I have changed my attitude while facing some difficulties.
compare to last sem, I do not blame too much on those unlucky things happened on me
make it as possible while the difficulties come to me~

I am the person who always care about people who giving me opinion.
so, I might be hurt because of these.
few days ago, I heard that something very unpleasant about me.
it has motivated me to change it become better.
I was hurt that time and luckily he is still beside me
he told me that we can try our best to change it.
luckily I still have a good and patient man who always listen to me.
thank you~❤

Monday, September 6, 2010



my blog was being hacked

luckily the stupid fellow hacker doesnt know my hotmail password!

stupid shit hacker you better dont try it again! I will change allllll my passwords as well!

No wonder few days ago I saw a weirdo photo in my blog.

I tried to refresh it and it disappear.

Today should be a good day

because tomorrow will be the last day of exam.

Happy because the next day I will be in my hometown!

It's time to discuss with my parents about the study stuffs~

hem......last 3 papers were running smoothly.

I had tried my best to answer and I think the result wouldn't be too bad.

It makes me worry too.

I scare that my dad will ask me to continue study if the result is still okok.

= =

dont think about it.

hem~ going to meet up with the boyfriend

feel excited since 1 month didnt meet up with him!

miss him alot!

and also those buddies.


Maple is going to leave. gonna miss her alot =(

okok~ stop blogging d =)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am here again.

Seriously I never express my feeling to my dad before.

Me and dad, still have a gap. 

Monday, dad phoned me.

I heard his sound and felt like crying.

I told him I was sad to study at here.

That's the feeling I was in NS.

everyone is enjoying but I am the one who want go back.

I still cant get used to KL life.

I told him. I'll try my best to study and finish my final in this sem.

After this,I'll make a decision when I back to Penang.

I really feel like wan to change college and I would not say it when diploma although I was stress.

My dad's response really surprised me. He said, come back and discuss together.

I thought he will ask me to continue study no matter it's hard or suffer.

Now, a little bit dilemma. I wish to go back but I dont want to give up for this exam since I'd put in a lot of effort.

Anyway, try my best.

And God bless, I want to go back.

Friday, August 13, 2010






That's only my own opinion.


random post to ease for me review part of my photos.
This will be one of my favourate post.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I always be here while exam is near.
I want to be different as last time.
I want to start revision star from now.
I want to pass all the papers.
I want to finish my papers with happy mood.
I want to have a happy mood while going to vacation after my exam.
I want I want I want!

wow~ 1 month to go~ then I'll leave this stupid city for a short period.
3 weeks i think...?
It's not enough for me to spend my time with my man and friends!

ehem~~dont think about this anymore. is time to have dinner . =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Everytime I saw you in the facebook
I really feel like want to delete you from my friendlist
I really dislike you
You always make me feel like want to talk about your bad
*Everytime when I saw or heard about your things I mean*
I never been so bad
I really dislike you!
I really dislike you!

I seldom scold someone in my blog
now only I realize you better don appear in front of me
I will not treat you good. even act in front of you
Dont ask me WHY