Saturday, October 13, 2012


After Year +
I back to here.
It's kinda sudden I will blog again.
Feel regret I have leave it blank for so long.
I forgot to mark down, what my life have done in this long period.

Time flies.
I am no longer an advanced diploma student.
Finished my degree in UK and here I am an unemployed worker.
Lazy of working, lazy of socialize, lazy of everything and just give myself some space to take a break before I start finding job.

Many things changed in this period.
Hair? Long to short.
Life? More interesting life.
Thinking? Absolutely different from last time(time will bring you broader mindset)
Love? Kinda complicated. Big Big changes that I could conclude it.

The best part in this year was the time in UK.
Feel proud to have lovely parents who sponsor me to UK continue my degree, even that is only 3 months.
In UK, learnt to be independent, I have seen the other side of world, I have met different people in the other corner of world, even experience the racist culture in UK(not all of them are racist), and get to know what was it so called Friendship.
3 months,back to reality, No more fairy tale. After I came back, many things changed. I have expected too. 
As what I can do is, look into my future, insist own beliefs, be brave to walk towards it. 

By now, get some rest, before I move on. 

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